Day 2 of “Software is Fun” preparations

So far software is still fun, the preparations aren’t too arduous and I got to meet Alexei Shulgin who I was delighted to chat to.

Briefly asked him about his recent Motherboard video at and he we chatted briedly about how ideas don’t have the shelf life they once had. Its now reappropriate, recycle or die out.

The internet allows the rapid circulation and emergence of ideas at a much quicker rate than ever before in culture (cue Clay Shirky style optimism). I thought it was interesting that Alexei mentioned this at a time when hand wringing over how we archive the internet is quite intense. Shulgin didn’t seem particularly perturbed by the lack of archive because the ideas could survive in one form or another. Some of what he said couldn’t help but sound along the same lines as Susan Blackmores (ultimately flawed) attempt to make memes a realistic science.

Also refreshing was a zen like attitude on Shulgins behalf RE the future of technology (a change in his initially dystopian outlook)

Alexei’s Wimpy VJing tool is on display as part of Olga Gourinuova’s Fun with Software exhibit at the Arnolfini.

~ by Stephen Fortune on September 23, 2010.

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