Reporting Back On Blitz Reverberations

I was fortunate to attend some of Sounding Covs performance in Coventry last night.
Sounding Cov is a commeration of the Blitz (it’s the 70th anniversary this year). At its heart is a beautiful idea that seeks to generate a sufficient and sustained quantity of vibrations in order to remove the substantial scars left on coventry by the Blitz. It is a continuation of Sara Mc Carthy‘s work exploring the positive power of vibrations and part of her continuing mission to open up the knowledge embodied in sanskrit mantras to Western audiences. More specifically it marks Saras first foray into working with the land and vibrations. Using vibrations to alter the psychogeographical texture of an environment in such an empowering manner is a worthwhile venture and an important step when one considers the likely colonisation of our acoustic ecologies coming down the pipeline.

The format of the evening was to chant mantras for a continuous period of 11 hours (the same duration as Coventry endured during the Blitz). Having joined in the chanting for a mere hour and a half and found my vocals strained and myself light headed I really have to commend Sara and the other participants on their stamina. There were 4 different Sanskrit mantras, each directed towards a particular purpose (peace, attracting positive energy, instilling confidence, and removing obstacles)  and in culmination intended to contribute towards the bettering of Coventry.

This was the first time Sounding Cov was attempted and I can only hope that the event grows and grows. As someone who has participated in chanting before I can attest to the emboldening feeling that the process infuses you with and aside from how amazing the event would feel with increased numbers I firmly believe that the more people that get to experience such an event the better!

~ by Stephen Fortune on November 15, 2010.

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