The Autonomy of Wires

During the summer I decided to embark on a wee mini project. The kind of flippant frivolous exploration that the MAIM culture encouraged.
The premise was simple, I was going to take a photo of my headphones every time I removed them from my pocket and found them knotted up.

The propensity of cables to tangle themselves, seemingly of their own accord, is one of my longest standing bugbears. So this project appealed to me. In fact the ability for headphone cables in particular to tie themselves into knots was a part of an earlier project which never saw ultimate fruition. I’ll explain that one in due course once I finish glossing up the MAIM blog from last year. Suffice to say for now it involved inferring some sort of link to Quipus.

Anyway the sad news is after much scavenging around my Irish homestead and haunts I now have to officially declare the subject of these earlier photos utterly MIA. I had a love/hate relationship with those headphones. I bought them at a time when I somehow had more money than sense. I was on the way to London for the Goldsmiths Open Day in June 2009. I wasn’t travelling for a long time yet I deemed it necessary to buy a set of headphones for the journey as I’d left my headphones at home. They were the first buds I bought and it took me a while to adjust to the ear canal invasive nature of those things. Hence I hated them. And then when I discovered how good they were for running, cycling or just generally blocking out the rest of the world on buses without having to have the volume up to ear drum damaging levels my heart melted and they supplanted the other 2 Sennheiser headphones in my possession.

So for now I’ve put the rough photos up on flickr and lobbed them in a gallery on this website too. Once I have the wherewithal to invest in a decent (most likely Sennheiser) headphones/buds I’ll continue to catalogue the knots headphone wires tie themselves in as I see potential in a MASSIVE image database of such knots. In the meantime, so long Sennheiser ear buds!

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 4, 2011.

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