Paternal Bonding Via Digital Fetishism Whimsy

I decided I wanted to photo reference some motherboards, mostly for my own amusement and reasoned that turning to my father would be a good move. My earliest memories are of him disappearing to his DIY darkroom in our attic so I figured he’d know the best way to capture the detail of the circuitboard.

Though my father loves photography he has struggled to embrace digital photography; despite agonisingly researching the purchase of his Olympus SP500 some four or so years ago the device has proved more a lightning rod of luddite discontent that an avenue into digital photography. In some ways I was hoping to force him to love the digital camera a little more, sadly I don’t think I accomplished that goal.

Anyway, I just figured I’d share these photo’s of my dad combining his old artistic hobby skills with my burgeoning interest in exploring computational culture via a more lateral perspective. I guess I was amused and slightly taken by the weird ways father and son can eventually find ways to spend time with one another and share their creative interests.

Incidentally this is the first computer of 2011 that I have eviscerated. My grand total for 2010 was 19, so lets see if I can’t beat that record this year

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 9, 2011.

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