Through The Eyes of Children – Intergenerational Technological Kaleidoscope

I love the idea of using the naivete of children constructively. Kids see things differently to us for a number of reasons, and some of the best questions they ask are because they don’t have hang ups or a fear of failure (or any fear at all in some cases) that attend upon adulthood.

10 year old Emma Watson’s drawing of the internet

More phenomenologically speaking I have no trouble believing that children perceive the world in a different manner to us. That’s why I loved the premise of Saint’s ‘Can you Draw the Internet’.  The basic premise of this project was working with children from East London for a year and eventually pitting their drawings of the internet against the visual representations of top London graphic designers. It’s a simple question but one which a digitally immersed (from birth onwards) generation will likely figure slightly differently to us.

On a slightly related angle was this video which effectively does the reverse of “can you draw the internet”, asking that same computationally permeated generation to try and explain what 80s electronics and gadgets did.

[thanks to impact lab for bringing above video to my attention]

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 14, 2011.

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