Biomodding and CPU Ecosystems

The work Lisa Baldini and I did on Contemplative Computing considered a few options of stressing the CPU and making its performance contingent on factors exterior to the enclosed environment of the motherboard. One of those options was to suspending the motherboard in a non conductive cooling liquid (riffing on several CPU overclocked computer modds) and finding a way to heat it based on vocal vibrations, in doing so coupling the CPU to a system alien to it’s structural organisation. This idea of ours was shelved in favour of more expedient means of affecting the computer. So when I stumbled upon Biomodd via Next Nature I was intrigued by the idea of using algae as a CPU liquid cooling system.

Biomodd aims at creating symbiotic ecosytems between nature and computers. Personally I never felt that there was such a strong opposition between technology and nature, but perhaps that is just me. What I find much more engaging is their brief to:

“bring biological life as physically close to the electronics as possible, and allow them to communicate with each other through meaningful symbiotic relationships”.

What is even more inspiring is that the Biomodd project has taken on a modular, open source ethos, with communities beyond those that Biomodd Creator Angelo Vermeulen has worked with creating their own hybrid sculptures. The whole project of Biomodd is brilliant, I’d encourage anyone who’s interest is even remotely piqued by it to take a gander at the Ted Talk. Significantly the Biomodd creator has been granted a Ted fellowship, perhaps not that surprising given that CPU heat generation is now being targeted as an area for carbon emission reductions to occur .

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 25, 2011.

One Response to “Biomodding and CPU Ecosystems”

  1. Amazing!

    Those photos remind me of this weird short, which I penned in 2008.

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