Micro-Organisms Ahoy

I am delighted to report that I will be partaking in Lighthouse’s ‘Laboratory Life’ workshops in Brighton. I’ll be working as a collaborator to Kira O Reilly {link} and I’m delighted as I reckon this project will provide an excellent accompaniment for the ‘I, Bacteria’ Research.

Kira is helming The Garden Shed Lab which will encapsulate

“a space for tinkering, exploring and experimenting with the biological possibilities around us through a range of interlinked micro – projects. The making of simple DIY apparatus and reagents, and working with molds, yeasts, eggs and plant tissues will form a counterpoint to the notion of the body as an implicit agent in our actions”

I am excited to be part of an event encouraging engagement with biomedical science and art, and I am really looking forward to the horizontal skill exchange which the organisers have made clear is paramount to the whole workshop process.

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 26, 2011.

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