Fashion An Unlikley Ally To Carbon Sequestering?

Only recently did I notice an interesting piece about pollution conscious clothing and now I’ve happened across the next logical step in the process, currently being taken by a collection of UK universities.
Catalytic Clothing is an experimental design collaboration between the University of Ulster, University of Sheffield and the London College of Fashion. The collectives first project is to develop textiles that can clean pollutants from the air. The first outcome of the collaboration is ‘Herself’, an experimental dress made from sprayed concrete and embedded with technology which

explores how textiles can improve ambient (air) quality. Herself is designed to illustrate how fabrics can eliminate pollutants so we can “breathe more beautifully.

Although Herself is being presented as art, the science behind it could produce garments that improve respiratory health”

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 28, 2011.

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