A Weekend Of Productivity

Haven’t managed to get near blog writing this weekend but that’s because I finally (very overdue) got around to finding a means to document the televisual static explorations that came out of the Heterotopia Provocation exhibit.

The means came via my parents gigantic HDTV, which can be videotaped by whatever digital camera apparatus comes to hand without the annoying refresh lines that plague CRT TVs (which have been the only sort of TVs I have ever owned). In addition to some bog standard recordings I also utilised the PS3 Eyecam to record the footage at 125fps (indebted to evergreen tech savvy resource Colm Hewson for this). I am hoping this will provide some frames of the footage that shows interlaced colours, rather than the black and white tones most readily associated with static. I am basing this hunch upon this enigmatic photo which Justin Pickard captured at the Heterotopia Provocation exhibition.

I’m currently working on editing the films. They came in at an eye watering 20GB for ten minutes. But I will have them up as soon as time and suitable compression allows

~ by Stephen Fortune on January 30, 2011.

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