Digital Divination

The sadness of not attending the Laboratory Life workshop in Brighton has been offset by getting to participate in the Digital Exploration Centre workshop at Metal, Chalkwell Southend. You can keep up to date with project development here.

Anyway for now I figured I’d share some of my favourite divination methods. I figure I may be getting my teeth into scrying this week and nothing would make me happier.

There is a solid compilation of methods here but I figured I’d feature some of my favourite methods (purely in terms of novelty as opposed to experience). I am personally dying to try lecanomancy (the art of water scrying, or intuiting knowledge from the patterns of oil or water on the surface of water), and I think pyromancy (scrying via fire gazing) is quite bad ass. Finally in terms of pseudoscientific divination I think that moleoscopy has supplanted phrenology as my new favourite sense making practice. I should stress to date that the only scrying I’ve done has been scrying a bowl of windowlene. Please ask if you don’t mind getting a left field answer as to why I did this.

~ by Stephen Fortune on February 23, 2011.

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  1. […] However the other area which I wished to explore was the concept of juxtaposing practices of divination with the algorithmic action of data mining. […]

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