Speculative Directions For Data Mining Divination

The next meet up of the ‘Listening To Firefox’ group is due in a little while so it’s time to take my database divination project a little further. Incidentally I have also finally sourced a replacement to the laptop which found itself sacrificed at the altar of CPU sonification.

Which provides a nice avenue into the first potential direction for the Data Mining Divination. This is admittedly less focused upon the contrast between data mining at large and more with my desire to explore the introspective revelation mode of scrying (which the ladies at Treadwells have very little advice on save to google and do it).

While my knowledge of coding an entire SQL database remains novice like and competent (i.e. still at the level where a healthy degree of struggle is involved) I would like to code the database which will form the resource of this project. I would like to explore the process of inexperienced coding (as I do believe it induces a differing frame of mind). I would like this process to be accompanied by the sounds of the computer (and database) as I code upon it. To that end I would envision taking cues from the institute of algorhythmics and the work of Hans W. Koch who has developed very interesting means of scaling the electrical frequencies of computers to a human audition range.

Related to that, I envision another table being added to the two tables already outlined: an encoded look up table of the dictionaries which allow one to make sense of tea leaf reading. Interestingly such tables which allow one to codify and contextualize what patterns you discern in your tea cup.

Another exploratory area will be QR codes: these were a persistent point of interest in the DEC lab, and I believe they’re visual similarity to tea leaf patterns will offer some interesting terrain to play within

~ by Stephen Fortune on May 4, 2011.

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