Invisible Airs: Project Completion

Well almost anyway. This weekend I installed the Invisible Airs contraptions in Bristol City Council chamber and also delivered a talk on how treating the Expenditure Over £500 .csv file available on the Bristol Data Hub as a black box rather than representative is far more interesting in terms of understanding how a database operates upon a council (or any enterprise for that matter).

Rather than detail that at length here I’d rather point you toward the archived recording of the event, available on Bristol’s iTV web portal. Though lengthy the whole talk is certainly worth listening to if you’d like a different vantage point on databases and open data. For those of you who may be time poor here are the significant markers

Open Data: Pneumatic Database Soiree Webcast

00:10:00 Videos of earlier interventions with devices commences

00:32:00 Graham Harwood begins his treatise on Databases, Power & Governance

01:00:02 Yours truly take the floor to outline excavating open data

01:14:00 The pneumatic actuation of the invisible forces contending within databases is displayed as a spectacle for the audience’s amusement

You can watch some videos of the prototype stages of syncing the pneumatic data visualisation tools with one another below the gallery

~ by Stephen Fortune on June 7, 2011.

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