Unleashing Computational Crystallomancy On East LDN

I will be holding a workshop at Apiary Studios East London on 25th June as part of Tint Arts Unleashed, I’ll be working alongside a number of artists and I’d really like anybody who is interested in my proposed workshop to come down and join me (see below for proposal). If you’d like some elaboration on the rationale behind this workshop and why on earth occult practices are related to sensor aware environments please check out the previous blog entry.

To get involved and join one of the projects send an e-mail stating your name and the project to info@tintarts.org

Computational Crystallomancy

This workshop brings the occult methods of crystal gazing into proximity with the DIY entry point to ubiquitous computing.

This workshop will combine the arduino and psychological experiments for discerning trance states. The arduino is the amateur-enthusiast avenue into sensor aware environments. Those psychological experiments used bodily traces to determine the subject’s inner state of mind. Both will be combined to see what data sampling all elements of the crystallomancy circuit can tell us about the computational modelling of reality that ubiquitous computing entails.

This project is at it’s conceptual inception and is looking for people who are interested in how reality can be made sensible to computers and those who would have an interest is seeing how intuitive practices like crystal gazing reconcile with the rational & cognitive disposition of computational culture. Introductory arduino (input feeds) and processing data feeds will be explored.

~ by Stephen Fortune on June 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “Unleashing Computational Crystallomancy On East LDN”

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