The Crystal Is Slow To Yield It’s Secrets

I finished some preparatory work for the Computational Crystallomancy {link} workshop this coming weekend. (Details – Participants should email, and the workshop will commence at 14:30 and continue until performances later in the evening until 19:00(ish)

I have to give credit where credit is due, I am indebted to the following projects for the inspiration and software underpinnings of my project. Both Chris Kairalla, Che Wei Wang and this Makezine article by Sean Montgomery have provided excellent crash courses in both the hardware and software elements necessary for this project to work.

I have deviated from the above code as I want to use multiple inputs and as far as I can determine using Firmata is the easier way to do this. However the software element of the project has now completely stalled (some inexplicable bug has crept in which I’m taking some time away from in order to let the solution bubble up from my code sensitive unconsciousness

I hope to see you at the workshop this Saturday!

Early experiments with crystal conductivity have stalled alas, but here are some pics with my trials to date

~ by Stephen Fortune on June 20, 2011.

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