Passing Electricity Through Crystal Is Like Drawing Blood From A Stone

Mineral puns. A criminally neglected area of humour if you ask me.

Work on Computational Crystallomancy progressed nicely this evening, unfortunately passing a current through purportedly conductive quartz remains elusive. However the strange communication breakdown between arduino and processing was resolved. It was such an odd problem that I’m going to catalogue it here in case anyone down the line encounters a similar confounding problem.

I’d wager problems began with the fact that I am running Puredyne, a debian distro. At the best of times I find myself at sea while operating Linux systems but when different software fails to communicate code in Puredyne I’m even more hapless due to the general competency of the community operating it (i.e. there tends to less n00b questions asked for me to infer wisdom fro)

Anyway I wished to use Firmata as a means of pulling values from the arduino into processing, both for ease of data logging and also for nice live data visualizations/graphs (something which I’m no longer certain will feature in the workshop, for presentation rather than technical reasons).

First thing I had to do was ensure that the processing sketch I ran connected to the arduino serial port with a setting of 57600 rather than the 115200 recommended for v2 Library of Firmata for Processing (I was following the excellent tutorial offered by Pachube, available here if you fancy).

However even with this workaround in place I was faced with the bizarre problem of the analog in pins becoming completely non-conductive once ‘standard firmata’ was loaded to the arduino and an accompanying processing sketch commenced (with the irritating consequence of analog sensing being completely shot). I poked around for a while, eventually realising that something odd was happening between the relation of ‘StandardFirmata’ and the processing sketch commandeering the arduino.

The solution is to load the AnalogFirmata sketch onto your arduino rather than ‘StandardFirmata’ (I’d love to offer screenshots but I haven’t worked out how to do screengrabs in Puredyne yet..)

~ by Stephen Fortune on June 22, 2011.

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