Crystal Conductivity Is Confounding

Today has been science day as the weight of empirical knowledge punctures ideas and informs directions of how best to incorporate the crystal ball into the scrying circuit.

By all accounts it transpires that quartz is an insulator, not a conductor (not that Yahoo answers is an authority but this answer succintly articulates the issue and is corroborated elsewhere), hence my attempts to pass a voltage through it were always going to be in vain. Apparently the piezoelectric effect is not contingent upon the piezo electric material being a good conductor. So this does mean that any current passed over quartz does cause it to physical move/deform in some manner or other

“For electronic use, a quartz crystal must be flawless. Most of the crystals now used in electronics are synthetic.” How Stuff Works

So I now appreciate the science of the below two videos, which sadly are not going to feature in Saturdays workshop.

It was certainly fun to connect a crystal ball to an arduino through cardiac electrodes. There are a number of (pragmatic) stumbling blocks to the following idea but I’ll detail the idea first and the hurdles thereafter:

I’d quite like to pass a pulse width modulation (PWM) current from the PWM enabled Arduino pins into the crystal. Create a sort of physical computing permitted circuit: the GSR reading from the crystal gazers body are mapped to a voltage out, which is applied to the quartz crystal ball. This generates a piezoelectric effect and the crystal ball deforms ever so slightly (likely to not be detected by human vision) but still there is now a means for the human body to effect the crystal as the crystal effects the human body in turn. And in the middle the arduino mediator is of course linked to its own piece of quartz which keeps its rate of instructions and computational cycles consistent.

Alas, the caveats. From what I comprehend the piece of crystal needs to be quite thin for this to take effect. Also the crystal ball I have is almost certainly made from reformed quartz, which is crushed quartz that is reformed and cut into a ball shape. I’d have doubts about whether piezoelectric properties persist after this.

However scrying need not be done with a crystal ball (there is a rich tradition of magic mirrors carved from various precious minerals) so there is hope yet

bottom left oscillator looks tempting

~ by Stephen Fortune on June 24, 2011.

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