Building A Soothsaying Database

I’m presently building the associative table which I’m hoping will let the fortune telling computer be more useful in discerning people’s fates next weekend at the inaugural ‘Divining Data – Mining’ workshop at A/FFAIR publishing fair.

Though populating the database with well over two thousand reference words I am mindful to the fact that the variety of the English language will likely confound my every effort.

Nevertheless I am highly enjoying collaborating with Open Office’s thesaurus to correlate additional possible shapes to extant fortunes. My favourite so far has been to marry ‘Wicket Gate’ with computer circuit and logic gates.

Also ‘binary compound’ and ‘thing’ are synonyms for water???

Also whats been fascinating is the time period which I’m drawing from, its nearly 90 years old, which means the most contemporary media is the telegraph. Trying to imagine possible current technology that would act as correlative symbols has been delicious.

~ by Stephen Fortune on July 14, 2011.

One Response to “Building A Soothsaying Database”

  1. […] 15 participants had difficulty recognising shapes and to my delight the computer used it’s synonym look up table to ensure that symbols not originally in the dictionary provided by ‘Telling Fortunes By Tea […]

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