Prototyping Prayers Answered

In constructing a tea cup which can also capture the process of tea leaf drinking in a manner whereby computer vision pattern analysis can be applied I debated a number of options (including the slightly mental idea of actually submersing a webcam in contact with hot tea water).

The one I have settled upon has been to affix a webcam (itself modified to incorporate a webcam) to the bottom of a glass tea cup. There is an element of distortion care of the glass tea cup but this adds to rather than detracts from the video quality (in my opinion).

I really wasn’t sure how to accomplish securing the webcam lens to the bottom of the cup and keeping the aerial view of the tea cup amenable to a clear photograph of the tea leaf residue in the cup. And then Sugru{link} came to my rescue!

Sugru make really easy to use epoxy resin which possesses formidable sticking power (essential when securing glass to any surface) with novel colours. When I learned that white was one of the colours they provided I was delighted.

~ by Stephen Fortune on July 18, 2011.

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