Directions for the Apocalypse

Creating two new categories for the projects I hope to keep going over the next 12 months. Never a better time than Christmas to make these plans.

The first is ‘Moving Forest’ a 12 hour (or perhaps 12 day, 12 hour, 12 minutes) event reenacting the final 12 (that number again) minutes of Kurosawa’s film version of Macbeth, Spider Web Castle:

Moving Forest is a 12 hour 5 act sonic performance which maps an imaginary Castle Central and camouflage forest revolt (transmitter network) onto a given modern day metropolis. This conceptual transformation heralds further everyday magic, with the final 12 minutes rendered into 12 hours of sonic, coded action. Inside the castle, a classic tale of remorse, betrayal and overthrow is rehearsed, transformed by sound artists, silk threaders and time slicers into operatic manoeuvre and escalatory conspiracy scheme; A networked play with both temporal and conceptual bandwidth. Outside the castle, a mobile forest assembles for insurgency measures armed with signals and slogans. Mobilized urbanites divine underground network emissions, stalking camouflage tree antenna, spidering towards the power Central.

The original was staged in Berlin in 2008 and you can find details of that work here. It’s being helmed by Shu Lea Cheang, a wonderful artist of seemingly boundless energy. I’m looking forward to working alongside Rachel Baker due to our shared interest in the ‘Omen’ section of the 5 acts of Moving Forest. Rachel is currently agglomerating prophetic signs at Details of what I wish to work through will be forthcoming, but I’m keen to push my interest in data mining into new areas (such as where DARPA are training their sites on social media) while also exploring new ways of doing my practice.

The second is the as-yet-unconfirmed Code of Contingency 2012 in New York, as curated by my Contemplative Computing partner in crime Lisa Baldini. I’m delighted to participate having been impressed by the quality of artists Lisa assembled for the London based Code of Contingency shows and I’m exhilarated at the thought of working at the same show as Call and Response. The concept for this is looser still than above, and I’m hoping for a process based exploration of some of the early ideas Lisa and I shared while brainstorming what Contemplative Computing eventually became.

Watch this space, and what not

~ by Stephen Fortune on December 4, 2011.

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