Modes of Reception

As I noted recently I have been seeking fiction injections to offset a habitual desire to consume factual and academically inclined pieces of writing.

In addition to movies I have been listening to audio books and reading fiction again, with Messrs William Gibson (Pattern Recognition) and Bruce Sterling (Holy Fire) providing the respective audio and textual fiction drips. Having such wonderful sci-fi dumped in my brain in parallel has made me note something, perhaps not unique but something which I curious as to whether other people experience.

When I listen to the audio book I experience that genuine, seeing the pictures in my minds eye. When I read a book, not so much (and this is not any reflection on Sterling, when I reflect back on most fiction I recall that it’s not a phenomena I get when reading fiction). I love reading but I’m starting to wonder if my love for words and text is overriding my ability to let evocation wash over my frontal lobes and let my neurons summon up pictures for my enjoyment.

Does anyone else experience this?

~ by Stephen Fortune on December 6, 2011.

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