I am a graduate of the MAIM (MA in Interactive Media) from Goldsmiths University

I am currently involved in an Open Data artwork in Bristol and ongoing research into the relations between Divination and Data Mining

Persistent Interests Of Mine Include

Juxtaposing knowledge systems and positing corporeal practices as technologies in their own right
Unpicking the relations of human to code without recourse to essentialisation…
Highlighting the fault lines where machinic and human knowledge systems come into collision with one another…
Databases as knowledge & truth machines…


Tint Art’s Unleashed at Apiary Studios

Data Mining && Divination at Galerie8

The Real Game Of Life 2011 at Space Studios London


B Open Data Visualization Commission: Invisible Airs

Listening To Firefox: Open Source vs. The Big Society at MadLab Manchester

Metal Digital Exploration Centre Lab at Metal, Chalkwell Hall, Southend

We Are All Transistors at George Wood Theatre Goldsmiths

Heterotopia Provocation at St Gillets Square, Dalston

Have a look at some of my other scrawlings at www.psfk.com

In another life I also did music journalism for Glasswerk.ie, some of which even made it to the national Glasswerk.co.uk websites
Follow me on twitter @quadrophobiac

One Response to “About”

  1. Hey Stephen,

    Send me an email if you are interested in a new project we are about to launch on Shapeways?



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