Ongoing Investigations

Magnetic Residue

This is a very recent area of exploration, sparked off by the psychogeophysical summit in SPACE studios at the beginning of August. While on a .walk(dotwalk) through Greenwich I found some VCR magnetic tape lying loose on the ground: which was an interesting coincidence given that I came to the summit to spark new ideas for the analogue spectrum occupation.

I resolved to get the tape spooled onto a VCR tape and play it back to see what it is. Experiments are still ongoing to get this successful. Then in quick succession I found some dictaphone magnetic tape lying loose and an even larger amount of more VCR magnetic tape lying about. The aim is to collect as much of these traces together, and perhaps splice them into some sort of collage. Its ongoing research, but for now you can view the places where the tape has been recovered on this google map

Computer Architecture Derives

I’ve decided that the most profitable area to direct the investigations begun during my Goldsmiths tenure is into this broad area of derives through computers by designing psychogeographically inspired interfaces. If the derive is a way to walk through the city in a new manner, unencumbered by the oppressive controlling architecture designed in the interests of the capitalist elite then surely we ought to seek similar ways to move through the computer architectures which are equally oppressive to their end users?

For now I am concerned with finding a way to build a crude sip and puff device from an old mouse and use it as a means of moving through the architecture of an OS (or perhaps even a terminal line)

Indebted to for this insight.

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