TV Commons

TV Commons was exhibited as part of the Goldsmiths Heterotopia Provocation Exhibition

TV Commons begun as a mediation on what will happen to all the vacated radio frequency spectrum between now and the Digital Switchover in 2012. We were taken by what uses we could find for this fallow Hertzian space. You can read an interview with me that goes into greater depth here.

I created a video art piece for the exhibition, it was an experimentation into analgoue VJ-ing using VCR’s as DIY television transmitters.
Check out the flickr gallery for an idea of what two TV signals in conflict look like. Sadly transcoding the video to Mini DV results in some compression of the raw signal meaning that entire video documentation of the project is awaiting me getting my hands on a decent quality DV Cam recorder, but I hope to have some Bill Viola-esque super slow motion captures of the static up to illuminate the footage a little more. For now you can see some of the early experiments on my vimeo channel

Aside from working out better ways to mediate the footage I am also looking into doing more interactive experiments with this kind of visual static due to the fun you can have using bodies to influence radio frequency. More to follow in due course…

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